Making Meaning for Home Tehran Everyday Life in Iranian Movies

Document Type : Research Paper



Meaning is both the reference and the content and their concomitant mental associations. The current research aims to find the meaning of home and its constituents in the everyday life of house residents. In this perspective, we seek to investigate this meaning-making processes through exploring the represented houses in four Iranian movies in Tehran. Therefore, “Freeway”, “Sealed Secret”, “Sa’adat Abad”, and “Here without Me”, Iranian Home Media distributed four movies from 2008 to 2012, were selected and investigated through the grounded theory methodology. The findings demonstrated that home meaning-making order narrated in movies in Tehran experience included five components as “sensual perception”, “sings and symbols”, “social relation”, “ownership” and “architectural shape”.  Domestic space internalizes home meaning once it relates to these constituents in the first place and experience such relation in a positive and non-abnormal configuration. Accordingly, it is revealed that in such represented order, social relation and its quality plays a significant role in home meaning-making processes, compared to other components. Whether in rituals or everyday life patterns, these relations can create and accumulate meaning for home. Contrary to that, the role of architectural configuration is less depicted while semi fixed spaces are highlighted.